with a Supervision Centre

Advanced level of our ParkIS parking system

is based on our long-term experience, constant development as well as good knowledge of usual parking lot operation issues 

Therefore ParkIS is:


Covers even the most demanding needs of parking lot operation


Rich functionality and flexibility is an outcome of our long-term development


ParkIS uses the latest technology


Smooth, comfortable and low-cost operation

Software solutions and applications

ParkIS Core

Main control software. Complete system management with reports, statistics and monitoring.

ParkIS Supervision Center

Surveillance Center with complete remote control, operation support and car park management.

ParkIS Mobile

Control designated car parks and their devices from anywhere.

ParkIS Tenant Cards

Tenant's own parking cards managment in central parking areas with multiple tenants.

ParkIS Reception

Module for hotels - parking solution for hotel guests together with public visitors.

ParkIS Reservations

Parking spaces reservations management for company visitors.

ParkIS Hat

Lottery of vacant parking spaces for tenant groups in car parks with limited capacity.

ParkIS DockNav

Navigation system for logistics centers. Trucks reservations and dock navigation for car park maximum effectivity.

ParkIS Navi

Car parking spaces navigation with indications. Includes parking spaces effectivity evaluation and statistics.

ParkIS Ticketless

Primary licence plate recognition flow. Greatly accelerates car park entry and exit. Increases visitor comfort and saves consumables.

ParkIS Notify

Custom notification services. Information about system events, reports and statistics by email.

ParkIS Mobile Payment

Comfortable parking fee payment using a mobile application. Usage on multiple car parks.


Data exchange interface of the ParkIS data with third party systems. In addition to the existing interfaces, we create tailor-made solutions.


Complete solution

We offer turnkey solutions including surveillance, support and service.


ParkIS has a rich functionality thanks to the fact that every new requirement is a challenge for us.

Operator comfort

The chosen concept is based on the main goal: to make life easier for the operator. 

Visitor comfort

Licence plate identification, cash payment, bonus system, reserved zones, etc. 


Surveillance, maintenance, advice, service, remote administration are included.